Excerpt from Datascapes and Discovery: The Art of Jonathan Spring published by CodaWorx, the global hub for the commissioned artwork community

“...Spring seems to have hit a deep chord with both technology-based organizations and distinguished collectors. In his Datascape, Why Me?, for example, Spring made a deep study of actual DNA data to create a bright, undulating wall sculpture. Weaving together genotype structures that help determine inheritable traits with the purpose of discovering such links, Spring ultimately created a piece that feels precise and scientific, yet pulses with color and movement suggesting the energy of existence...”

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Excerpt from letter by Suzy and Jack Welch...

“...Jonathan Spring’s work struck us immediately as hitting on all cylinders. It is beautiful – stunning, really. And yet it transcends the decorative by directly addressing one of the most urgent matters of our era, the human relationship with the machine...

...We are thrilled to have Jonathan Spring join our collection; there is no artist like him today. We eagerly anticipate his oeuvre, as he continues to masterfully explore his unique gifts...”



Excerpt from Forbes article by contributor, Brett Steenbarger...

“...Jonathan Spring is a successful quantitative money manager who turned to three-dimensional art as an area of interest. His datascapes, depicted on his site, are representations of patterns first observed in fields ranging from finance to biology. Once Spring apprehends a beautiful and meaningful pattern in one field, he transforms it into a visualization and ultimately a work of art. On his site, Spring describes the process of creating his datascapes. He offers a fascinating window into how his combinatorial play involves a complex synthesis of visualization (finding and seeing the pattern; see image above) and implementation (creating the sculpture from the pattern)...Analysis, synthesis, implementation: these are three facets of the creative process...It’s the right form for an idea that gives an investor a great risk/reward relationship. It’s the right form for one of Spring’s sculptures that gives his vision a beautiful expression...”

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